Savage Racing, LLC.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

The New England Challenge will be taking safety precautions to protect our race participants and our staff/volunteers. Below are our safety measures:


1. Athletes will need to fill out our COVID-19 Questionnaire. If you are participating in more than one race, you must do this for each race and bring a printed copy during race day.

2. Each race day, all participants will be temperature checked.

3. In the past, we cooked and provided food throughout the duration of the race. For our upcoming races, we will only have Gu Energy Gels, bananas and individual water bottles. Parking is along the course, so you will be able to bring your own food and drinks. 

4. Racers will be required to wait in their car until ten minutes before the race begins.

5. Upon completion of the race, runners are expected to leave the finish area.

6. Runners must comply with travel restrictions imposed by the state the race is located.

In addition, face coverings must be worn at the start of the race and any time you are within 6 feet of another person and social distancing rules cannot be adhered to. This includes when passing others along the course, crossing the timing mat and by the aid station with volunteers. Failure to comply will result in your immediate disqualification. 

Each race begins at 6AM. BIB pick-up and temperature checks will begin at 5:15AM (face masks must be worn), after you pick-up your BIB please wait in your car until 10 minutes before the race