The New England Challenge

5 Marathons, 5 States, 5 Days

Monday, May 18, 2015 - Friday, May 22, 2015

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"New from the race director!"(4/21/2015):

From Chuck Savage, Race Director New England Challenge:

I have tried to make this race series better every year and I will continue to do just that. This year we will have chip timing for all races and course certification. Two of the courses will be certified for sure (RI & CT)and two more probably so by race time (ME & NH). The last race (MA) will not be certified this year but will be certified next year. I want to welcome many of you new runners this year as well as many who have run before.

Except for the weather, which I can't control (but has been superb in the first two years) I am sure this will be the best yet! There have been some runners who have told me that they thought that runners had to run all 5 races. Nonsense! You can run as few or as many as you like.

Finally, I think now I have enough volunteers to help me. If you are a volunteer already, please send me an email to remind me what day you are volunteering for, so that we may confirm those dates.

Chuck Savage, Race Director New England Challenge

"New from the race director!"(4/1/2015):

Due to popular demand, both the RI and CT races will be certified this year and all of the 5 races in the near future. I picked RI and CT to certify first because these states have the fewest certified marathons. Certified means they are extremely accurately measured and may be used to qualify for running Boston and New York. Of course all of our marathons count for 50 Staters and Maniacs.

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