The New England Challenge

5 Marathons, 5 States, 5 Days
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Monday, May 12, 2014 - Friday, May 16, 2014

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: This series of races will close shortly. We have almost reached our quotas in all races. Please register before April 8th if you want to get a place.

You may wonder why I have changed plans to close early. It's because I want everyone to receive a finisher's medal and a tee shirt. They have to be ordered at this time and of course I have to know how many to order. Therefore there will be no race day registration! This is a change!

Currently Registered as of: 4/4/2014

Please click on the links below to verify your race entry. Click Here to notify us immediately if something is incorrect.

Pine Tree: 81 Full Marathoners, 14 Half Marathoners
Granite State: 93 Full Marathoners, 15 Half Marathoners
Red Island: 104 Full Marathoners, 13 Half Marathoners
Nutmeg: 112 Full Marathoners, 18 Half Marathoners
Old Colony: 99 Full Marathoners, 15 Half Marathoners

This is Chuck Savage, race director. I think this year’s races will be better. Entries will be less expensive, refreshments will be better, there will be more porta-potties, more runners, and maybe better weather (it will be a week earlier and probably cooler).The courses will be the same as last year and the order of states will be the same (ME, NH, RI, CT, MA). You can still do all of the states in New England in one week because the Shires of Vermont Marathon will be run on the Sunday (18th) after my series. I have no connection to the Shires of Vermont race (I am going to run it myself).

There will be a limit of 100 Marathoners and 25 Half Marathoners for each race at this time. Unfortunately, since this is such a small race, we are not able to give refunds for anyone that signs up. These races meet all rules of the 50 States but are not certified. All races are 26.2 miles each and start at 6:00am EST. These races are designed by runners for runners. We will list the people that have entered as we have time. Please double check these entries to make sure your entry is correct. Let us know if it isn't and we will fix it asap.

First of all, I thought of these five races as a money saving way for 50 Staters to run all the New England States in one week (with Vermont covered on the following Sunday). Of course, all single day racers are welcome. So, with that in mind, I am going to offer all runners a chance to pick up all of their goody bags on Sunday, May 11, 2014 at my hotel room from 2-5pm. We will be at the host hotel Best Western Merry Manor Inn located at 700 N. Main Street, South Portland, ME 04106, (207) 774-6151 (just ask for Chuck Savage's Room, we will also post it on our Facebook page). You can also pick up your race bags from 5-6 am on race day at the race site before the race starts.

Secondly, my staff and I have picked a Host Hotel for every night of the week from Sunday, May 11 through Thursday, May 15th. These hotels are only a few miles from each race site that have enough rooms for most of our runners, they are medium priced, and have a discount for our runners. (***PLEASE ASK FOR THE DISCOUNTED RATE FOR THE MARATHON THAT YOU ARE RUNNING THE NEXT DAY***) We made sure that the Host Hotels we chose were highly rated from past guests and had favorable ratings. There are also numerous other accomadations in each city. I urge you to be careful about other hotels as have noticed many really bad hotels that you would regret using. We have listed several hotels on our site but I can only vouch for the Host Hotels.

I know we already have driving directions to the race sites for runners, however, I realize that you may also need driving directions to each of the Host Hotels and directions from the Host Hotels to the next race site. These directions can now be found on each individual race web page.

Well that's it for now but please make sure you reserve your hotels as soon as possible and ask for the discount for the race for that city. We want to pack these hotels each night! Maybe they will give us a better discount next year. Thank you all for signing up for this race series and I look forward to seeing you and possibly running with you in May!

These races are a product of Savage Racing, Inc.